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Hello Lovelies! I realize I am doing this late, but I cannot sleep at all. I guess I’ll reblog it later :D

So It would be great to find to blogs and gain new followers. Please like or reblog and I shall return the favor! I miss tumblr. Let’s become besties again <3

Quick Facts:

Evironmental Engineering at Louisiana State University

Passionate about Live Music & Festivals (Top 3 Acts: Bjork, Elton John, Jack White) 

Winter Circle Productions Baton Rouge Ambassador 

Head of Advertising and marketing in Baton Rouge for BUKU. 

Crazy about Politics, Geaux EWE for Congress 6th District. 

             [Let me know if you are interested in an Internship or                                  Volunteering for the campaign]

Cook, who dreams to retire and own a restaurant. 

Hula Hooper and Dancer

Wannabe Health Freak: itsahealththing  < push me to do it! :D

Super Proud Kitty Mother and Grandmother

Follow me for a dose of Louisiana Life, lived by a, perhaps, crazy nerd, but with just as much MUSIC and DELICIOUS FOOD!

Twitter: @Itsakarlathing1

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